Stemless is the easiest way to get your weed

At Stemless, we believe that your purchasing experience should make you feel as relaxed as the product you’re about to buy. Unfortunately, because of strict policies and antiquated technology, dispensaries have been forced to focus on keeping up with changing regulations instead of the retail customer experience – which happens to be our specialty. Our platform helps them (and you!) by creating a fast, easy, and safe way to purchase through stores you already know and trust.




Meet our Team

Koushi Sunder


Swapnil Ghosh

Lead Developer

Sankar RS

Full Stack Developer

Cole Srdjanov

Front End Developer

Sunder Nadarajah


Trevor Smith

Relationship Manager

Shelby Cutler

Operations Manager

Lisa Haines

Lead Counsel

Vanessa Robinson

Marketing Manager

Board of Advisors

Adam Lasker

Visar Gashi