How’s your dispensary celebrating this Valentine’s Day?

We get it – you can’t give away product for free – but is that really even how to engage your best customers?  Luckily for you, it’s not.  Customers love free stuff, sure – everyone does.  But if you want to bring in customers and really engage with them, try these interactive activities instead:

Galentine’s Day

Valentines Day is Couple’s Central, and thus, Galentine’s Day was born. It started as a fictional holiday from the TV show Parks and Rec, but almost a decade later, Amy Poehler’s brain baby is still holding strong.  Galentine’s Day (as you may have guessed) is strictly for the ladies.  Instead of doing a couple’s deal (let’s be honest, couple’s are either fighting VDay traffic to get to their prixe fix dinners or they’re hunkered down at home, consider the ladies.  Real Talk: Galentine’s Day is basically a real holiday, where women get together to celebrate their friendship. Include the ladies in any planned specials.

Pro Move Tagline: (or in addition to) the 2-for-1 promotions you offer couples, invite your female customers to stop by your dispensary with their best friends.

Create a “love notes” station

Let’s be honest.  There’s a reason why roses are 10x more expensive ON February 14th – it’s because the demand for last minute gifts is so high!  Create a handmade card station by laying out stickers, colorful markets, branded cards, and envelopers to encourage those last minute gift givers to create a personalized memo for their special someone.  Think about setting up your station next to a Valentine’s display of items from your store that would make good gifts: if your customers are inspired to purchase a gift, they can easily include their handcrafted note!

Pro Move Tagline: Get inspired this Valentine’s Day with our “love notes” station. All week we’ll have all the supplies you need to write a beautiful note to your Valentine—and gift ideas to go along with it!

Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D.)

Valentines Day historically hasn’t been for the single people – but there’s no reason that they can’t feel special with promotions and specials of their own. The playfully named Singles Awareness Day, or SAD, is celebrated on February 15, and offers a whole host of opportunities for singles-themed promotions or events. Your dispensary could host a SAD happy hour, discounted flower or two for the price of one deals.

Pro Move Tagline: Why should couples have all the fun? We’re celebrating Singles Awareness Day on Feb 15th with 15% off store-wide for our single customers to show some love!

With so many great ideas floating around, there’s no reason to let this holiday go by unnoticed!


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