Beat the Heat With These Summer Treats

Summer is finally here, and with it comes endless opportunities for having a little fun in the sun. And because everything is better with some cannabis thrown in the mix, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite summer treats below to help make your summer as glorious as possible. Take a peek at some of the goodness that awaits, grab yourself a joint and prepare to feel like you’re a unicorn drifting through a sea of sexy, sexy cannabis.

Magic Number Beverages at Bloom

It is a truth universally acknowledged that one of the best feelings in the world is drinking an icy cold beverage on a hot summer day. Which brings us to our next point: cannabis infused beverages are super fun to drink and share, especially when they’re made well.

Magic Number produces a line of craft-brewed, cannabis-infused beverages that are dangerously addictive. There’s a cold brew coffee and a ginger beer option for those who’d like a caffeine-free alternative, with dosing ranging from 5 mg to 25 mg per serving.

Magic Number Beach Summer Bloom Stemless

Photo courtesy of Magic Number

The cold brew is velvety, smooth and rich as Chuck Berry’s dulcet tones; the ginger beer extra spicy thanks to the use of real ginger in the brew.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Get yourself a bottle or a six pack to drink on the porch from Bloom here.

High Noon Flower at Stoney Only – Clackamas

Cartridges are fun and edibles are great for heavy dosing, but nothing beats honest to goodness flower. Stoney Only knows quality flower when they see it, offering customers High Noon Cultivation flower up for grabs.

High Noon Cultivation are some of the best growers in Oregon. Like King Midas, everything they touch turns to gold, and their flower is no exception. Two of their best strains are housed in Stoney Only, aka the Real McCoy and the Grateful Glue. The Real McCoy (Hawaiian x Skunk #1) is what you think of when you first smoked weed: euphoric, uplifting and incredibly giggly, it’s great fun to smoke with friends.

The Real McCoy by High Noon Cultivation Stemless

The Real McCoy. Photo courtesy of High Noon Farms.

The Grateful Glue is one of the most kief covered strains you could ever hope to come across. It’s a cross between the famed Gorilla Glue #4 and Grateful Breath, yielding a gorgeous sativa leaning high with a nice body feel that’s perfect for a night spent around a backyard campfire.

Dying to get your hands on a nug? Check out Stoney Only’s menu online here.

Indulge In Your Summer Sweet Tooth at Serra – Belmont

If you didn’t already know, Serra’s a boss when it comes to serving up quality edibles. They paired up with Woodblock Chocolate, a family run chocolate manufacturer who pride themselves on being Portland’s first “bean to bar” chocolate makers, back in 2016 to create a line of signature edibles. The collaboration has since yielded a delicious line of infused products, the likes of which are made even better thanks to Woodblock’s commitment to sourcing quality chocolate.

I mean, just look at these honeys:

Serra Berry Bar Edible Stemless Online Delivery

Summer + berries make the perfect match in Serra’s Berry Bar.

You have your basic milk and dark chocolate varieties (ethically sourced from Peru and Ecuador/Tanzania, respectively) as well as limited edition products to keep an eye out for. This summer’s limited edition bar is made in partnership with Jacobsen Sea Salt, and combines Jacobsen Sea Salt, dried cherries, and pistachios together to create a party in your mouth.

Each square has only 5 mg of THC and also comes in CBD varieties, making this the perfect edible to share with friends. Break up a bar and share the love at a backyard BBQ or party to instantly become the most popular person on the block.

Need a bar ASAP? Order online and get any Serra edible delivered straight to your door.

Get Your Topicals On with Home Grown Apothecary

Sunshine is sexy but looking like a lobster definitely isn’t. Keep your skin fresh and hydrated when the heat hits with Medicine Farm Botanicals’ Rose Sandalwood Facial Serum.

Made with cannabis extracted from Willamette Valley  and White Label Extracts, the serum contains a variety of ingredients including Jojoba oil, Rosehip seed oil, Apricot Kernel oil and Vitamin E (an antioxidant that helps fight the aging process) that are specifically geared towards moisturizing sensitive skin. It also reduces blemishes and acne while evening tone, yet again proving to the world that cannabis is the most magic flower of them all.

stemless medicine farm rose sandlewood cream

Photo courtesy of Medicine Farm Botanicals

No need to get jealous, fellas: there’s a beard oil available for you, too. Yes, really.

Get your favorite topicals and goodies from Home Grown Apothecary by checking out the menu here.

Indulge in Some Tasty Terpenes with Kind Heart Collective

Terpenes are the compounds inside cannabis that give them their unique smells and properties. They’re the most magical part of the plant, and since they’re super volatile at low temperatures terpenes are usually the first thing to go in extractions ):

Lucky for us, however, the folks at Claywolf created a live resin product that doesn’t use extreme heat in the extraction process. It relies on harvesting cannabis and flash freezing it before processing it to ensure maximum terpene preservation.

Blueberry cannabis strain stemless

The Blueberry Headband live resin by Claywolf is full of flavor, toeing the line between indica and sativa for an experience that’s cerebrally stimulating and has a great body high.

Sound too good to be true? Get your hands on some from the menu here.

Have any other goodies you can’t live without? Tell us all about them in the comments.



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