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5 Ways to Boost Your Business with Vend POS

Growth marketing can sound scary....but at Stemless, we use automations to make it a breeze

Stemless integrations are completed with the mutual goal of making both platforms more powerful. Our goal is to always give you the best that marketing technology has to offer. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Stemless has partnered with Vend POS. Our integration with Vend allows us to help you ignite your digital marketing strategies!

Stemless designed a state-of-the-art marketing platform. Wee include robust tools for targeted text message marketing, outreach automation, and customer retention strategy. Our exciting new integration with Vend provides the tools necessary to increase foot traffic and entice repeat customers. And of course, we do both of these with the ultimate goal of increasing your sales.

If Stemless doesn’t sound like a traditional marketing strategy, it’s because it’s anything but. With Stemless, everything from measuring customer spend to increasing customer retention is automatically calculated – in real time.

To find out how we do it, keep reading below:

1. Targeted Text Message Marketing

Our targeted text message marketing campaigns are known to boost business earnings by automatically connecting with customer purchasing trends. With a 98% open rate, text messages get in front of your customers when traditional media doesn’t.

If you’re like most business owners, you offer a variety of products and services to a diverse retail audience. The Stemless integration filters down your contact lists into segments in real-time based on the traits that matter:

  • Purchase behavior
  • Customer strength
  • Demographics

Filtering your contact lists into these segments also lets you treat your most valuable customers to regular discounts and targeted promotions. Just create a VIP customer group, apply special pricing, and sit back. Through the power of automations, Stemless can roll out the red carpet for your VIPs.

2. Mighty Automations

We already know that text message marketing entices newcomers into becoming your loyal customers. But automating that process creates more opportunities for business development. At Stemless, we use automations to help retailers make the most out of their outreach strategies.

Stemless & Vend have teamed up to send text messages to your customers at the right time.

The Stemless text messaging platform allows you to schedule your text messages ahead of time. This means you’ll never miss another customer outreach opportunity again. As soon as your customers input their information, our automations start working for you.

After you seamlessly welcoming new customers to your business, you can lure them back in for a second purchase. It might not seem complicated, but it’s the first step to building that lifelong connection.

With Stemless, retailers will never have to apologize for missing a birthday again either. Using the Stemless platform, retailers can send customers a timely HBD text automatically. And with Stemless, you can even add some gif balloons or a special birthday treat to sweeten their special day

When that new customer becomes your loyal regular, Stemless gives them promotions on their favorite products. As they accumulate points, we can even remind them to use their reward points. It’s part of how we keep existing customers as happy customers.

3. Effortless 5-Star Reviews

When you’re working with Stemless & Vend, you’re not limited to just text messages.

We built an automation that goes through your contact lists to collect trustworthy 5-star reviews from your customers. Don’t worry, we’re always mindful of the quantity & frequency of messages your customers receive. And once a customer has filled out a review for your business, we won’t send them another request.

The best part is, we automatically post your stellar reviews to Google. Stemless will send any review with less than 5-stars gets sent straight to you. So you can address constructive feedback without impacting the way your customers perceive your business.

4. Customized Loyalty Program

Most decent loyalty software can set up a rewards program for you. At Stemless, we don’t treat loyalty programs like a box that needs to be checked off. As a company, we’re invested in your growth.

Because Stemless easily integrates with Vend, you can start boosting your small business’ sales immediately. Stemless + Vend creates a customized loyalty program designed for customer retention.

We combine your loyalty program & marketing campaign into one neat package to entice repeat customers and increase your total sales. The powerful Stemless and VendPOS integration frees up your time to run your business. Behind the scenes, Stemless does the heavy lifting by tallying your guests’ customer point totals in real time.

How you award loyalty points is completely up to you, so feel free to get creative. Do you want to offer your customers double points for Humpday Happy Hour? We can help you reward your customers in the ways that work best for your marketing strategies.

With Stemless, your customers can leave their prehistoric punch cards at home. Using our unique technology, we empower customers to check their point balances, redeem awards, and update their personal information from anywhere.

The Stemless Loyalty App helps foster loyal relationships by maximizing customer satisfaction and keeping customers engaged after they leave your store.

5. Advantageous Analytics

Every retailer needs easy access to the data necessary to make informed business decisions.

Stemless works around the clock to collect real-time data from Vend to generate comprehensive reports. Together, the platform’s reports provide a 360° view of your digital marketing efforts. We prove your marketing campaign is working with tangible sales growth you can easily track.

We keep track of customers that have received messages and layer that with customer transaction data. With Stemless, you can tell who came because of your campaign.

Our comprehensive reports also answer key business development questions like:

  • who is responding to your marketing efforts?
  • what products are your consumers purchasing?
  • when are customers spending the most at your store?

Having these answers readily available helps you decide who to speak to and when, for optimal return.

Focus on data driven marketing solutions with Stemless

The Bottom Line

Stemless is dedicated to providing you with the best tools that marketing technology has to offer.  We purposefully partnered with Vend because we share the common goal of helping your business thrive.

Stemless + VendPOS boosts your business by providing:

  • Targeted text message marketing campaigns
  • Automated customer outreach
  • 5-Star Customer Reviews
  • Customized Loyalty Programs
  • Real-time data collection
  • A 360° view of your digital marketing efforts