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Driving Growth with Customer Loyalty: 5 Tips for Retailers

Find out why treating customers differently and cultivating loyalty can drive growth. Explore our recommendation and discover how Stemless can simplify customer loyalty experiences, utilizing automated marketing campaigns, 5-star review programs, and user-friendly loyalty program apps.…Read More

Build Your Small Business with Powerful SMS Automations

You want set-it-and-forget-it automations that reach out to your customers on their first visit, wish them happy birthday on their big day, and remind fade-aways to stop by with winback marketing messages. At Stemless, we’re not just looking to count some points and send some messages. We help retailers just like you grow your business.…Read More

8 Cannabis dispensary POS software systems (part 2/2)

Welcome back to part 2 of our two-part series on POS software for dispensary retailers. Today we’re going to through the next four POS systems Stemless integrates with: MJ Freeway, Greenbits, Leaflogix, and GlobalTill. Each of these cannabis software systems has its strengths, weaknesses, and specialties. 5. MJ Freeway MJ Freeway released their cannabis business…Read More

8 Cannabis dispensary POS software systems (part 1/2)

Cannabis dispensary owners are faced with business challenges unlike any other industry due to constantly changing regulations. Cannabis industry technology companies like Flowhub, GreenTill, & Treez offer POS platforms. These software systems come prepared to keep your cannabis business profitable and compliant in a new and fluid market.  In this two part miniseries, we’ll explore…Read More

Winning Retail: Customer Loyalty will likely fall when you….

Don’t reward repeat business with loyalty Reward the wrong behavior Offer loyalty rewards no one wants Have an overly complicated rewards program Reward your customers equally, regardless of their behavior 1)     Don’t reward repeat business with loyalty Customers know how many choices they have in terms of where they spend their money. If you aren’t…Read More

Interested in SMS Marketing in Canada?

Are your brick and mortar retail stores are located in Canada? Or are you an e-tailer looking to engage with Canadian customers through your online shopping site? The Stemless marketing platform can help you achieve your marketing list growth goals. If you Google ‘marketing platforms’ in Canada, you’ll find a smattering of advice. Some of…Read More

7 ways to market your small business locally

Invest your time in SEO Create a Google My Business listing Cultivate a YouTube following Targeted text messaging Social Media Marketing Advertise online and offline Generate word of mouth buzz Today more than ever, every business interested in long-term growth is subject to intense competition. Retail competition simply doesn’t just come from our physical neighbors…Read More

Message Board style texts – do they work?

Most retail dispensaries have had an increasingly difficulty time sending cannabis text messaging campaigns in the hopes of reaching their target audience.  In the early days, cannabis dispensaries were barred from sending A2P campaigns through short codes, but that was about it in the United States.  Then, most cannabis dispensaries could prevent having their messages…Read More