Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. We comply with all city and state regulations to ensure your purchases are compliant.

A few of the things we do are:

  • Scan and store users’ drivers’ licenses on our site to ensure all purchases are made by legal adults
  • Restrict purchases to local and state quantities so that users are never buying more than they should be
  • Create delivery parameters (where applicable) to ensure cannabis deliveries on our platform never cross state lines and/or other jurisdictional boundaries
  • Ensure all stores are actively licensed.

Our legal team constantly monitors the legal landscape in all of the areas we operate in to make sure we’re doing the best for our customers. If you have any questions on your particular location, send us a message! If we can’t answer your questions, we’ll find you someone who can. And for Oregon customers specifically be sure to check out ORS 845-025-2880 for information on home delivery.

This one’s easy – are you 21 or older? Do you have a valid state ID? Yes and yes? Done. Welcome to Stemless.

Yes but with restrictions. If you live near a dispensary in a recreational state and you are able to pick it up in person and consume it in that state, absolutely – go for it. Tourists buy from our site all the time! If you are looking for delivery, we can’t accommodate you at this time unfortunately. Cannabis is legal on a state level and cannot cross state lines.

Noooooo. This one’s a pretty serious federal violation. We’re hopeful that it’ll be okay one day though!

We actually don’t set pricing – our stores do! Ultimately it’s our stores that are selling their products to you, we’re just here to make that transaction as simple as possible

The clock starts ticking when you place your order online. Dispensaries will typically accept your order within 10 minutes. If you’re picking it up yourself, feel free to stroll in whenever it’s convenient and your purchase should be waiting in the front for you. If you’ve opted for delivery, we provide automated notifciations and delivery tracking to make sure you always know where your driver is.

Not at this time. Due to legal restrictions we can only deliver to personal residences but when things loosen up- and we're sure they will in time, we'll be there. Anywhere and everywhere.

According to state laws, marijuana cannot be returned so we can’t take back your product(s). However, we can cancel your order if you haven’t received it yet- but you need to call us ASAP at 503-662-2241 so we can intercept on your behalf. If there is a problem with your merchandise and you’ve received a faulty product, we’ll work with your dispensary on your behalf to get it sorted out.

While we work with everyone, it's on a recreational basis only. Medical patients over 21 years old can of course place orders with us, but unfortunately the medical deals you receive (tax benefits/lower costs) don’t apply on our platform.

Yay! We love questions. If you’re on a desktop, there should be a little circle on the bottom right hand of the screen – click that and type away. If we’re not immediately available, we’ll get back to you as soon as we see it. If you’re on mobile, shoot us a message.