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Stemless helps stores leverage technology to reach the customers that are going to buy the most from you and helping them build loyalty to your store and your brand.

Through Stemless, you can compliantly offer customers electronic payment, online ordering, and custom loyalty programs – all while tracking your activity with in-depth analytics.

All your software needs in one place

Live Menus

Generate live menus straight from your POS system with inventory photos, descriptions, and traits from our proprietary database of thousands of strains.

Online Payment

Cashless allows customers to pay dispensaries directly using secure, bank to bank transfers.

Tracked Delivery

Get your customers tracked delivery from store to door. Check out our custom apps in the App Store and Google Play store.

Loyalty Programs

20% of your customers account for 80% of your repeat orders. Grow that base of loyal customers by rewarding your MVPs.

SMS Promotions

Our text messages have a 97% open rate because we help you give customers info they actually want – like deals on products they’re interested in, birthday specials, and check-ins.


Get up-to-the-minute data on when your customers come into your store, how often they visit, purchase heatmaps, most popular inventory and their purchase preferences.

“I highly recommend Stemless! Loved how easy the team made the whole installation process. There's no doubt Stemless is going to help our shop really connect and reward our customers. Every shop needs this!”


“Since the beginning Stemless has been an integral part of the customer service experience provided by Maritime Cafe. We can’t imagine running a dispensary without it, it’s like having a second sales floor!”

Maritime Cafe

“Our experience working with the Stemless team has been exceptional. They are professional, and we would recommend their company to other shops and dispensaries!”

The Grass Shack

“Beyond helping us generate more revenue through their online ordering system, their help with deliveries is what makes Stemless such a valuable asset to Bridge City Collective. Also, their customer service is beyond superb!”

Bridge City

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Online Ordering
Automated Ordering Notifications
Purchase Order Limits (per state laws)
Free 10,000 monthly text messages
Full Analytics Dashboard
Automated POS Menu Uploads
Cart Abandonment Recovery
Compliant Electronic Payment

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