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We give business owners like you real growth solutions through our robust POS integrations, SMS automations, and customizable loyalty programs. By focusing on data driven marketing and business intelligence management, we can be your in-house growth marketing team. We focus on customer and brand loyalty, while you focus on your product or service.

Our Story Stemless is an all-in-one digital marketing platform for businesses. We empower thousands of customers just like you to start and grow your businesses by focusing on the two things that matter most in the long term: customer retention, and average revenue per user.

Our beginnings

We launched Stemless in 2015 with the intent of helping business owners just like you provide superior customer journeys by using your own customer data – just like the Targets and the Walmarts of the world.

We looked at customer retention holistically. Growing your base of repeat customers is about more than just offering a loyalty program for small businesses. It’s about remembering what your customers like and letting them know when that item’s in stock or on sale. It’s about wishing them happy birthday on their special day. It’s about enticing those who haven’t stopped by with a customer winback message. What started out as a tool to aid business growth strategy became a full-scale customer engagement platform to help you create customer journeys that ultimately lead to brand loyal customers.

Our team

Koushi Sunder

CEO and Founder

Swapnil Ghosh

Head of Development

Brian Shen

Head of Customer Success

Danuka Thaveesha

Back End Development

Davie King

Back End Development

Cole Srdjanov

Front End Development

Nebojsa Ristic

Front End Development

Venessa Robinson


Mari Alizo


Chad Cowen


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