State of Affairs: Craft Cannabis

Here in Oregon, consumers across a multitude of industries care greatly about supporting local and quality businesses. This ranges from picking out Widmer as opposed to Blue Moon, Oregon Pinos over Californian wines, and choosing Tillamook dairy products over Kraft.  Naturally the need to go local for many Oregonians continues with cannabis. Consumers in the green state truly […]

You want apps? We got apps!

You want apps? We got apps! Our main focus here at Stemless is to make it easier for customers to get their weed. And we’ve been diligently plotting down that path since we first launched in April 2016.  Today, we’re proud to say that we’re one giant step closer thanks to some recent achievements from our […]

Oregon is making great strides in employee rights and protections by pushing measures through the appropriate legislation channels. Senate Bill 301, introduced to the Oregon Senate in January, will essentially protect individuals from workplace termination for using cannabis while not on duty. While it does not specifically state “cannabis”, it is implied. Our fave section of this […]

What’s the Deal with Indoor Cannabis Consumption?

Portland, Oregon – an amazing city that has made cannabis a legal substance for us adults to utilize and enjoy. However, a few years back, consuming cannabis in specified, public, indoor spaces was actually legal.  Why did we retract the cannabis café? Mario Mamone, part owner of the Maritime Café, shared with us that a […]

New President, New Rules?

If you’re nervous about Trump’s appointment of Sen. Jeff Sessions to the US attorney general seat, hold tight. We’ve assessed the incoming administration stances, the risks, and political landscape and have come to the conclusion that the quickly growing marijuana industry is too powerful and has established staying power. In December 2014, Congress passed a […]

Shortages in stores? Here’s why

Have you noticed the dispensaries around town with their lights shut off? Or their new “OMMP ONLY” signs? We have.They’re a result of the major changes facing recreational dispensaries in Oregon as of January 1, 2017. When Oregon originally legalized recreational sales on October 1, 2015, permits to conduct recreational sales were not yet available. According […]

Welcome Sovereign!!!!

We are so honored to announce our first partnership of 2017 with Sovereign Cannabis! The store is located on Jantzen Beach in Oregon just across the river from Washington boarder. Sovereign, previously Green Oasis, got more than a new name and logo change.  The store has re-branded itself into the laid back, puppy friendly place […]

Stemless Joins METRC’s List of Approved Third Party Partners

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission and Metrc™ have approved PayQwick of Calabasas, California; eCannex of Boca Raton, Florida; Promium of Seattle, Washington;  duber Technologies of Portland, OR; and Stemless of Portland, OR as validated software providers whose products are compatible for integration with the Oregon Recreational Marijuana Program Cannabis Tracking System (CTS). Why does this […]

  PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – By Kaitlyn Bolduc Just about anything can be delivered to your doorstep these days. If Koushi Sunder has a say in the matter, cannabis will soon be the next big thing. “Our target customers is generally someone who is busy,” said Sunder. Right now, Sunder, a Dartmouth business school grad, is […]

385 Dispensaries

That’s how many dispensaries are operating in Oregon. Today. So how do you know where to buy? When? What? The possibilities are endless – but so is the variability in your experience.  A relaxing afternoon by the pool with friends could easily become a paranoia-induced fit in your bedroom closet. And don’t even get us […]