Scale by rewarding
customer with
Loyalty Marketing

Loyalty makes cents

Invest in a consumer loyalty marketing program today.

Increase your footprint

Attract new customers and maximize revenue in your current customer base with a custom loyalty platform that’s tailored to your business.

Engage your customers

Turn new customers into repeat business and boost current customer engagement with our loyalty marketing platform

Maximize revenue

Marketing campaigns have one job – to increase revenue. Our software gives you the analytics to be sure you’re maximizing your revenue.

Give them something special.

Give them a members-only experience. Give them something that will send new consumers on their customer journey with you, while giving existing customers a rewards program to maximize customer satisfaction.

Whether you sell products or services, no outreach strategy is complete without a customer engagement strategy. Entice your consumers to interact with your brand or retail store with a marketing strategy that’s in it for the long-term.

Give them all retail technology has to offer.

Customer engagement doesn’t need to be manual with loyalty cards. No matter which POS system provider you work with, Stemless powers the point-of-sale integrations you need to attract new customers and reward your existing customer base – all while increasing consumer engagement!

Loyalty in store.
Loyalty at home.

Whether you have a brick and mortar retail store with walk-ins or an e-commerce operation, Stemless provides the infrastructure to engage your customers when they’re with you, or at home.

Available in the App Store, the Stemless Loyalty App empowers your customers check their point balance, redeem rewards, or update their personal information online.

Our custom enrollment pages are a proven funnel to reach new customers and ultimately, increase customer acquisition and maximize revenue.

Custom loyalty programs for our retailers and brands

This ain’t your grandmother’s punch card loyalty program. This is a full-scale customer engagement campaign.

Automated points per dollar

No more old-school style punch loyalty cards. With Stemless, our automations and integrations make rewarding customers a breeze

Real-time filtering of loyalty VIPs

Tie your loyalty program into your marketing campaigns with real-time filtering and segmentation of your most valuable customers.

Apps for in-store and at home

All our merchants get free consumer-facing loyalty apps for seamless in-store or at-home opportunities to entice customers to engage with your brand.

Our loyalty software creates digital loyalty programs
that make sense