The power of real-time
Don't just send a message.
Send the right message.

Is segmentation right for you?

Hint: It’s the easiest way to grow repeat business and grow revenue

Text messaging for businesses isn't what it used to be. If you're interested in maximizing revenue, growing your base of loyal customers, and decreasing overall marketing spend, look this way. Stemless uses customer segmentation to automatically filter your entire list. Choose which SMS text messages you send to customers based on their spend, purchasing frequency, age, and products purchased mix. Get the right message to the right customer and the right time. That's the power of segmentation with Stemless.

We include segmentation as a standard
with every text message marketing package

Our sms subscriber management system focuses on driving repeat business and customer winback

Stemless automatically creates custom segmentations for each of our retail clients through powerful POS integrations

The process of evaluating each market segment attractiveness starts with centralized marketing data. Don’t just take our word for it, it’s sms marketing 101

Boost your customer relationships by making every customer feel like you’re speaking specifically to them

Consumer marketing platforms don’t need to be expensive. Our mobile marketing platform focuses on b2b marketing strategy framework that works

Get the most out of your marketing campaigns by sending fewer, more directly impactful messages instead of one mass campaign


Power your small business marketing
with our powerful POS integration

You don’t need b2b growth marketing hacks or a growth marketer to run successful marketing campaigns with Stemless

Grow repeat customers

No matter what products or services you’re selling, customer segmentation encourages repeat purchase behavior. Remind people when it’s time to buy again or offer incentives to make repeat purchases

The benefits of bulk sms marketing and data driven marketing b2b is increased revenue and customer spend

Increase customer spend

Use segmented text messaging campaigns to target customers interested in deals within particular categories and brands. Doing so leads to significantly higher customer conversion rates

The best b2b marketing growth hack is to decrease opt-out rates. You can’t grow your text messaging base if you can’t decrease your customer attrition rate

Decrease opt-out rate

Consumers that give you their phone numbers are giving you their trust. Segmentation promotes long-term contact list growth by decreasing opt-out rates and strengthening customer retention

Sending texts doesn’t need to be complicated

Check out how the Grass Shack used automated digital marketing segmentation. Through Stemless, they created customer journeys to maximize sales, increase customer retention, and decrease total marketing spend. The Grass Shack understood that their customer list was more than just the number of customers

No two customer engagement strategies are the same

Check out the different types of customer segmentations we offer:

Dollars spent


Purchase date

Purchased categories

First-time visitors

Can your business use real-time segmentation?