Find out more about how Stemless can help you boost Shopify sales with our targeted, automated Shopify SMS notifications.

Why Our Shopify Push Notification Services Shine

Shopify SMS notifications give you a direct, personal channel to communicate with customers without the hassle of downloading an app.
These push notifications provide immediate, impactful engagement that drives sales and fosters a community around your brand.

Seamless Integration<br> with Shopify Icon

Seamless Integration
with Shopify

It's easy to add SMS notifications for Shopify stores directly from the Shopify App Store, and you don't have to interrupt your existing workflow.

Boost Your Sales with Abandoned<br> Cart Recovery Icon

Boost Your Sales with Abandoned
Cart Recovery

We send Shopify abandoned cart SMS if no order is created within 2 hours. This helps to recapture potential sales and increase conversion rates.

Enhance Customer Engagement<br> from the Start Icon

Enhance Customer Engagement
from the Start

Welcome New User Shopify order notifications build client engagement. Greetings and offers make new users feel valued and foster long-term loyalty.

Stay Connected with <br>Real-Time Delivery Updates Icon

Stay Connected with
Real-Time Delivery Updates

Providing shipping and delivery updates with Shopify SMS notifications can improve customer satisfaction, reduce inquiry calls, and build trust.

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What Our E-Commerce
Push Alerts Can Do

Shopify SMS notifications keep your customers engaged at every step of the purchasing process. Customer engagement helps build repeat business, increase average spending, and decrease opt-out rates. Push alerts can also provide useful information that cuts down on customer support calls.

Instant Order Confirmation Notifications

Instant notifications for order confirmations provide reassurance to customers. Shopify order confirmation SMS improve the purchase experience, and reduce order-related support queries. From the time your customer places the order until it arrives, you can keep them apprised of its status. They know immediately when it ships, where it is in the shipping process, and when it arrives. This keeps them in the loop and helps you build brand loyalty.

Streamlined Order Cancellation Process

Shopify text message alerts can help you maintain a positive customer relationship even in less than ideal situations. Sending immediate notifications for order cancellations can help you manage customer expectations and reduce confusion. Your customers know immediately that their orders have been canceled and payments refunded. This gives them confidence to make another purchase and leaves them feeling good about the whole experience.

Delivery Confirmation to Close the Loop

Delivery confirmation notifications ensure customers are informed the moment their order arrives, By using delivery SMS order notification, Shopify store owners can enhance the customer experience. Delivery confirmations also provide an excellent opportunity to invite feedback or follow-up actions. Keeping your customer informed about their order throughout the process leaves them feeling secure and helps you secure return business.


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Explore how the Stemless Shopify SMS Notifications can supercharge your business.

Use Cases

Our Shopify SMS automation reduces the barriers to entry and allows retailers to reach a larger audience size. Here are just a few of the industries that have benefited from using Stemless to handle their text message marketing for Shopify to reduce the barriers to entry and reach a larger audience size:

  • - Gym/Fitness Center: Locker reservations
  • - Hair/Nail Salon: Client booking and reminders
  • - Coffee shops: Order notifications
  • - Retail: Order confirmation
  • - Florist: Delivery confirmation
  • - eCommerce: Delivery tracking and customer support

Why Stemless?

In addition to the Shopify SMS app, we offer specialized marketing tools for franchises or multi-store businesses. Our intuitive design is accessible for users of all skill levels. And our text message marketing expertise complements our push notification service for a comprehensive approach to mobile marketing.

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