Revitalize Your Dispensary
Marketing with the Blaze
POS Integration
Take your dispensary marketing strategy to the next level with the powerful Blaze POS and Stemless integration. This partnership allows you to automate your text marketing, significantly expand your customer base, and effectively harness customer reviews to elevate your brand presence in a competitive market.

Focus on delivering top-notch products and services, while we ensure your customers enjoy an unforgettable journey with your brand.

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Cultivate Success with Text Message Marketing

Transform each customer interaction into a compelling marketing opportunity. Our integration enables you to fine-tune your SMS marketing strategy based on in-store behaviors. This strategic approach not only enhances your customer engagement but also fuels growth for your dispensary.

With Stemless+Blaze POS, you can automate your SMS campaigns, ensuring customers receive timely and personalized messages. Segment your customer lists based on new customers, spending habits, and age, using SMS marketing. Tailor your marketing messages and watch your engagement and conversions soar.

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Nurture Loyal Customers to Grow Your Business

Your most loyal customers aren’t just customers—they’re fans who keep coming back for more. Show them some love with our custom, automated loyalty programs designed to make them feel truly special.

How do we make this happen? By understanding what your customers want, meeting their needs, and going above and beyond to exceed their expectations. This creates memorable experiences with your brand that they’ll want to repeat.

Ignite your dispensary marketing with the dynamic duo of Stemless and Blaze POS. Our collaboration empowers you to widen your customer community and boost customer retention.

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Boost Your Online Reputation
with Positive Reviews

Take control of your online reputation by ensuring only your best reviews reach Google. Our smart marketing platform is designed to sift through your Blaze POS contact lists and engage your most valuable text-enabled customers for their feedback.

Equipped with a sophisticated algorithm that identifies your most loyal and engaged customers, Stemless then sends out personalized messages, requesting them to share their positive experiences. This is done respectfully, ensuring the customer feels appreciated and valued.

Take the guesswork out of marketing and let Stemless do the heavy lifting for you.

Discover how Stemless and
Blaze can boost your business.

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can make in your dispensary marketing strategy.