Stemless +
Treez POS
Use automated digital marketing to drive sales

Power your small business marketing
with our powerful POS integration

Next level segmentations

Find your biggest spenders, your most frequent visitors and send them targeted text messaging and email marketing campaigns to increase sales

Real time data

What are your ideal customers’ favorite products? What products do different demographics prefer? With the Stemless + Trees POS integration, you’ll know

Powerful analytics

Small businesses don’t just need real-time data. You need actionable growth strategies with in-depth analytics. With Stemless, you’ll know when your marketing campaigns are working

If Treez is your POS solution, Stemless can automate
your digital marketing strategies

Open a world of possibilities in dispensary marketing

Dispensary owners understand there are barriers and challenges to powering their retail marketing strategy that are unique to the cannabis industry. Successful brand awareness campaigns increase the likelihood of being found in local searches. It also increases the likelihood of getting your existing customers to become repeat customers.

That’s where Stemless comes in.

Through our integration with Treez, we funnel your new customers into becoming repeat buyers, and your repeat buyers into becoming lifetime fans.

Successful marketing campaigns don’t just happen

Managing retail stores, especially physical stores, doesn’t leave a lot of free time to market your small business. That’s why thousands of small business owners across the US and Canada trust Stemless. The retail industry can be tough, that’s why we’ve built powerful automations and integrations to support our retailers nationwide. Our marketing campaign tracks customers, computes transactions, and analyzes your marketing reach, so that you can focus on running your business.

Turn potentials customers into current customers

Connect Stemless to your Treez POS system to power your dispensary marketing programs

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